EAG has highly trained and experianced service technicians. EAG can provide
calibration, service and repair for a wide verity of analyzers and equipment.

See the section
Analyzer Service List  to see if we service your analyzer or

EAG will inspect your analyzer or equipment for free before any work is done.
All we require is that you pay to get it to us and back.  


Portable Analyzer Calibration:
  • General Calibration: factory recommended calibration and certificate.
  • SCAQMD Calibration: South Coast Air Quality Management District
    Linearity and Stability Test for all certified analyzer. This includes: Form 1
    and Form 4.  (Lancom 4 meets or exceeds SCAQMD certification)

Note: We use EPA protocol gas for all portable analyzer calibrations

Oxygen Analyzer Calibration:
  • General Calibration: factory recommended calibration and certificate.
  • Linearity and Stability: 20 min run of gas to check that it falls with in its
    parameters. (includes factory calibration, certificate)


Portable Analyzers:
  • Cell/Sensor Replacement
  • Filter replacement
  • Pump service and replacement
  • All parts replacement

Insitute Oxygen Analyzer:
  • Cell/Sensor replacement
  • Software upgrades
  • Parts replacement

  • Calibration
  • Path Length Setup
  • Parts Replacement

Field Service
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • RATA Certification
  • Software Support
  • Quarterly Cal Gas Audits
  • CEMS Remote Monitoring
  • 100% EPA Compliant Reports

  • Calibration
  • Certiifcation for compliance or EPA

Analyzer Service List by brand
Portables Emission Analyzers:
  • E-Instruments: E1500, E4400, E4500, E5500, E8500
  • Land: Lancom II, Lancom III, Lancom 4
  • Fireye: All Firetron Analyzers
  • Goyen:
  • Test-O: 350, 350xl
  • Eccom: J2KN
  • Enerac:
  • Bacharach:

Personal Area Monitors:
  • Drager X-am 2000
  • RAY Systems- All models

  • Land: Gensis
  • Thermox: WDG: 1200 &1210
  • EAG: IZO Oxgen Monitor

  • Land: MKIII 4500, MKII, 4200

  • All other brands and models, as a CEMS intergrating company we use and
    service various CEMS
  • Land: FGA II, FGA, FGA 900  (All models)
Last Updated: March 2016