Mission Statement

Environmental Alliance Group (EAG) pledge, to provide quality information and
products for air emission monitoring needs.

We feel that our knowledge and experience is perhaps the single point to our
success in meeting our pledge. If you were to combine the years of experience
of the members of EAG, the sum total of experience would be over 50 years.

In addition to Process and Compliance equipment, we have demonstrated
abilities in:

  • Integrating Your Application Specific Discrete Analyzer Systems.
  • Source Testing, Meeting your local EPA, APCD requirements,
    specializing in the RECLAIM area.
  • Sampling Conditioning Systems, Heated Sample Probes, Dilution
    Probes, Specialized and Standard SCS equipment.
  • All Manufacture Analyzer Hardware and Parts: EAG is a one source, or
    one stop shop, combine your purchase orders and save time.
  • Equipment Repair Services (on or off site)
  • Process and Compliance Monitor, Maintenance Services.
EAG's Motto

"From the bolt and nut of an analyzer to a complete turnkey system,
we can provide information and solutions."
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